OR-Tools team, as part of the FOSSEE project, promotes the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools for a wide range of problems seen in Operations Research (OR): mathematical optimization, simulation, queueing theory, and their applications in manufacturing, logistics, services, finance, management and other areas. The OR Tools include COIN-OR, GLPK, SimPy etc, interfaced through open-source environments like Scilab and languages such as Python.  We strongly encourage the use of such softwares in science and engineering colleges across India.

COIN-OR (COmputational INfrastructure for Operations Research) is an online repository for open source software. It contains different types of open source packages for solving problems encountered in OR and some other fields. The most important tool available in COIN-OR are Coin Linear Program (CLP) and Coin Branch and Cut (CBC) solver, which is for integer and linear optimization. COIN-OR project is an initiative to spur the development of open-source software for the OR community. <COIN-OR website>

SimPy is an open source Python-based discrete-event simulation software package released under GNU GPL, based on ideas from simula and simscript. It is written in, and called from, Python. SimPy provides a number of tools for the simulation programmer including Processes to model active entities, three kinds of resource facilities (Resources, Levels, and Stores) and ways of recording results by using Monitors and Tallys. SimPy was based on efficient implementation of co-routines using Python’s generators capability. SimPy is well suited for teaching, research as well as in projects with discrete-event simulation. SimPy is an open source alternative to expensive commercial simulation packages. Currently we are using SimPy 2.3. <Simpy wesite>