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Discrete Event System Simulation

FOSS: Simpy, Python

About the Book

Author(s) Jerry Banks, John S. Carson II, Barry L. Nelson, David M. Nicol
Title of the Book Discrete Event System Simulation
Publisher PHI Learning Pvt.Ltd
Year 2009
Edition 4th
ISBN 978-81-203-2832-7

About the Contributor

Contributor Jincy P. Manuel, OR-Tools, IIT Bombay
Reviewer Prof. Jayendran Venkateswaran, IEOR, IIT Bombay
Date of upload 14th March 2014

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Chapter No Title of the Chapter Nb Viewer Downloads
2 Simulation Examples View Download
3 General Principles View Download
5 Statistical models in Simulation View Download
6 Queueing Models View Download
7 Random-Number Generation View Download
8 Random-Variate Generation View Download
9 Input Modeling View Download
10 Verification and Validation of Simulation Models View Download
11 Output Analysis for a Single Model View Download
12 Comparison and Evaluation of Alternative System Designs View Download
13 Simulation of Manufacturing and Material-Handling Systems View Download