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About the Book

Author(s) F.S. Hillier and G.J. Lieberman
Title of the Book Introduction to Operations Research
Publisher Tata McGraw Hill
Year 2005
Edition 8th Edition
ISBN 978-0-07-060092-8


About the Contributor

Contributor N. Gayathri, OR-Tools, IIT Bombay
Reviewer Prof. Ashutosh Mahajan, IEOR, IIT Bombay
Date of upload 3rd April 2014


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Chapter No Title of the Chapter Downloads
3 Introduction to Linear Programming Download
4 Solving Linear Programming Problems: The Simplex Method Download
5 The Theory of the Simplex Method Download
6 Duality Theory and Sensitivity Analysis Download
7 Other Algorithms for Linear Programming Download
8 The Transportation and Assignment Problems Download
9 Network Optimization Models Download
12 Nonlinear Programming Download
13 Metaheuristics Download
16 Markov Chains Download
20 Simulation Download