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Enthusiastic and hard-working candidates are wanted for a 1-2 year long project on promoting the use of Free and Open-Source Software for in Education (FOSSEE). Multiple positions are open. The work involves (but is not limited to) implementing software models and problems from existing literature in open-source software for Operations Research, developing new interfaces and enhancements in existing solvers, developing laboratory material for use of these softwares, and developing manuals and documentation. A candidate must have (a) completed a bachelors degree in any engineering field or be enrolled in one, (b) a good command over written and spoken English, and (c) proficiency in at least one of the following:

1. Medium level of expertise in Python (preferred) or C/C++/Java
2. Operations Research, Industrial Engineering or Engineering Statistics
3. Linux system administration and website development

Salary will be determined as per rules at IIT-Bombay (based on qualification and experience). The candidate will be expected to work full time, and accommodation will be provided on campus based on need and availability. The appointment will initially be for three months, and will be extended based on interest and performance.

Candidate possessing the requisite qualification and experience should apply online here.



Enthusiastic students, faculty and others are welcome to contribute in the following activities. Your role will be acknowledged on this website, and an appropriate honorarium will be paid for your help.

Contribution of Textbook Companion

Preparing a text-book companion for a popular book in Operations Research is the easiest way of initially contributing to this project. For more details please go through this page.

Participation in Lab Migration

For more details in taking part in lab migration project please visit the page.

Contribution of Self Workshop

For more details in contributing a spoken tutorial please visit the page.

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