I have no idea about Python/Simpy/COIN-OR/Scilab. What should I do?

Ans: You may learn Python and Scilab with the help of spoken tutorials which are available for free usuage.

I am a fresher. Can I be a part of this?

Ans: Yes! The earlier you get hold of these tools, the better.

Which textbooks do we need to code?

Ans: Any book that comes under Operations Research (Optimisation, Simulation).

What kind of books should not be proposed ?

Ans: Textbooks on Algorithms. Textbooks that majorly have theorem/proof type problems, should not be proposed.

If I am unable to finish within the time frame, can I continue ?

Ans: In such cases, you are required to contact the reviewer as early as possible.

Do you have suggestions for books that I can propose ?

Yes, We have suggestions on this page.