Graphical illustration of a 2-d Linear Programming problem. The filled area in blue represents the feasible region and z-line represents the objective function. Economic order quantity, Q*, minimises the total inventory carrying cost and ordering costs. The proportion of time the servers are idle in a M/M/c queuing system, for varying values of the number of parallel servers, c. Illustration of the probability mass function (pmf) and cumulative density function (cdf) of the Poisson distribution when the rate of arrivals is 2 per unit time. Progress of the Branch-and-Bound algorithm used in solving an integer optimization problem. Nodes that have been explored are green, active nodes are red and node being solved currently is blue. Simulation of Queue at Billing Counter in a Super Market.

Welcome to OR Tools

The OR Tools project, a part of the FOSSEE project, promotes the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools for a wide range of problems seen in Operations Research (OR): mathematical optimization, simulation, queueing theory, and their applications in manufacturing, logistics, services, finance, management and other areas. The OR Tools include COIN-OR, GLPK, SimPy etc, interfaced through open-source environments like Scilab and languages such as Python.  We strongly encourage the use of such softwares in science and engineering colleges across India.

We are currently creating textbook companions for various books which are used in under-graduate and post-graduate courses related to operations research; laboratory modules for teaching computational OR tools; and spoken tutorial videos on how to use FOSS OR tools.

The goal of FOSSEE project at IIT Bombay is to encourage the use of FOSS over proprietary software packages used in science and engineering education all over India.


News and Events

Scipy India 2014
Prof. Jayendran Venkateswaran, PI of OR Tools gave a presentation on "Solving Optimization Problems using Python/PuLP".
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OR Tools team organised a hands-on workshop in Technext.
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